Taipei 4th June, 2013 – Galaxy, The world-renowned ICT manufacturer of high-performance graphics card & accessories products in the PC hardware market, was teaming up with world’s top overclockers to host the Computex OC event on 04 June in Taipei. The event brought the world’s best overclockers together to compete in setting the first speed records with Galaxy GTX 780 HOF Series and Galaxy’s soon-to-be-announced new line of highly overclockable graphic card products.

Overclocking is a way of boosting the computer performance by increasing the clock frequency settings of components such as GPU, memory and motherboards. Popular with PC enthusiasts, overclocking has grown from being a hobby to a professional technical sport with competitions held in countries around the world.

At this year’s Computex OC Event, elite overclockers from around the world used Galaxy HOF Series graphics card to break the new worldwide records of 3D Mark Ice Storm & 3D Mark 11 Extreme. All the overclockers were the finest in the world including HKEPC OC Team from Hong Kong, NP2Korea Pro, and Duck san from Japan. There were live event broadcast by Overclocking-TV available at

In addition to the overclocking show, the attendees were also among the first to see GALAXY’s new line of products included PSU, SSD, and HOF-Z87 motherboard that are designed for Xtreme Gamers.

“We are excited to host the extreme overclocking even of Computex 2013 with our friends”, said Alex Lam, CEO of Galaxy Microsystems. “Together we’ll be unleashing the world’s top overclockers for the first time on the latest NVIDIA Graphic Processors and our new line of HOF Graphic Card series. With the sheer level of overclocking talent and the capabilities of the new hardware, I anticipate seeing groundbreaking levels of performance.”

HKEPC OC Lab at the sceond day's performances were using GTX 780 Hall of Fame with the recent release of Intel i7 4770K Processor, the new 3DMark Ice Storm hit 300,827 score another new world record!
By using two pieces of GALAXY GTX 780 HOF in SLI mode, HKEPC OC Lab, Duck San and NP2Korea have successfully achieved new world record in 3DMark 11 Extreme mode. With a score of 13273, this score is actually 1700 marks higher than the previous world record, created using GTX Titan. The GPU clock on both GPUs is overclocked to >1600MHz in order to beat GTX Titan's score.

Some more record from NP2Korea Pro OC

3DMark 11 Performance (hwbot GTX 780,1st ranking)

3DMark Fire Strike (hwbot GTX 780 ,1st ranking)

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